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Discover How A.I. Can Save You Thousands Of Dollars and Over 14+ Hours Per Week With This Step-by-Step 30-Day Course …WITHOUT You Needing Any Tech Experience.

AI Geeks$2020

Bonuses to look out for in your 30 day course:

A trial version of WriteFlow, so that you can create amazing prompts for free

Ronsley's 1000+ prompts for ChatGPT (see image below on the right)

A shortcut link to connect Siri to OpenAI 

30 days free access to AiGeeks Ninja (our community)

30 days free access to office hours (part of AiGeeks Ninja)

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This way you aren't waiting for the daily lesson and you can go at your own pace. 

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AI Geeks$2020

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“I’ve seen first hand how A.I. is changing the game for 100’s of online businesses… And with over 8 years of computer science and running 7-figure businesses, this is my way of giving you an advantage over your competitors, so you’re not left behind.”

Ronsley Vaz
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  • What do I get in this program?
    Hey, this is Ronsley. I want this program to be most useful for you, so each lesson is broken up into the concept, an explanation, homework, videos showing how, prompts to use on your business.

    I'm including free support for the next 30 days with weekly office hours as well as access to the community portal.

    It is value packed. I am also including the Beta version of WriteFlow which has the Inception menu active, allowing you to create amazing prompts.
  • What is WriteFlow?
    Writeflow AI is a GPT based artificial intelligence menu for Google Docs. It helps business owners and subject matter experts write faster, brainstorm new ideas, do research, summarize text, and perform complex content creation. You’ll never have to start from a blank page every again.

    Think of it like Google Docs on steroids.

    Ronsley is the author and developer of WriteFlow AI.
  • What is AiGeeks Ninja?
    AiGeeks Ninja is our very own community for business owners who want to leverage the use to artificial intelligence in their business to execute at speed, with accuracy, and personalised with their voice. It includes weekly coaching, new prompts and latest news, training videos, and more. We have our own portal where you can ask questions, and interact with other AiGeeks.